Chi ha sposato Daniel Olivares Viniegra?

Elsa Madrigal sposò Daniel Olivares Viniegra .

Daniel Olivares Viniegra

Descrizione in Italiano non trovata, abbiamo solo una descrizione in Spanish; Castilian:

Daniel Olivares Viniegra (1961) es un escritor y poeta mexicano. Consejero editorial de la revista El Comité 1973 y miembro del grupo literario El Comité. Olivares ganó el Primer Premio en el Tercer Concurso Internacional de Poesía Navachiste en 1995.[1][2][3][4]

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Elsa Madrigal

Elsa Madrigal

Descrizione in Italiano non trovata, abbiamo solo una descrizione in English:

Elsa Madrigal Bulnes, (born 1971) is a Mexican artist, whose work has been recognized with memberships in the Salón de la Plástica Mexicana (1996). Madrigal is a member of the artist collective El Comité.

She was born in Mexico City, where she currently lives. Her work focuses on prints, ex libris and artist`s books.

The artist has had eight individual exhibitions and since 1992 her work has participated in more than a hundred collective shows in Mexico, Argentina, Cuba, Spain, Germany, Italy, Poland, Belgium and Lithuania. She obtained honorific mentions at First Metropolitan Biennial of Poetry and Painting in the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana-Xochimilco, Mexico (1993), and IV National Engraving Contest José Guadalupe Posada, Aguascalientes, Mexico (1996). She has collaborated with El Comité 1973.

Madrigal has been selected in various contests such as the First International Artist`s Book Competition Lía, Guadalajara, Mexico (2013); the XIII Ramos Ferrol Large-Scale Prize in Coruña, Spain (1999); the Ex Libris Bienniale in Sint-Niklass, Belgium (1999); the International Little Graphics Arts Competition Railways and Ecology in Vilnus, Lithuania (1998), Youth Print Prize in Havana, Cuba (1997)...