Chi ha sposato Elizabeth Tomlinson?

Andrew Foley sposò Elizabeth Tomlinson il 7 maggio 1773.

Elizabeth Tomlinson

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Andrew Foley

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Hon. Andrew Foley (c. 1748 – 28 July 1818) was a British Member of Parliament.

He was the third son of Thomas, 1st Lord Foley and educated in Oxford.

Unlike his two elder brothers, he did not greatly dissipate the family wealth. His father devised to him estates in and around Newent, Gloucestershire that had been in the family for several generations. He was a trustee of his father's will, together with his father's younger brother, the Very Reverend Robert Foley, Dean of Worcester.

Andrew Foley sat continuously as member of Parliament for Droitwich, long represented by members of his family, from 1774 until his death.

He died in 1818. He had married Elizabeth, daughter and heir of Boulter Tomlinson, and left two sons, Thomas and William Andrew (neither of whom married) and four daughters.


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