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Thomas Duncombe sposò unknown daughter Jennings 1774.

unknown daughter Jennings

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Thomas Duncombe

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Thomas Duncombe (baptised 27 August 1724 – 23 November 1779) was a British politician who sat in the House of Commons between 1751 and 1779.

Duncombe was the eldest son of Thomas Duncombe, of Duncombe Park, North Yorkshire and his wife, Mary Slingsby, daughter of Sir Thomas Slingsby. He was educated at Westminster School from an early age in 1732, and matriculated at Christ Church, Oxford on 18 May 1742, aged 17. He succeeded his father to Duncombe Park in 1746 and is also known as Thomas Duncombe III.

In 1751, Duncombe was returned as Member of Parliament for the Downton constituency. In 1754 he was elected MP for Morpeth. On the death of his cousin Lord Feversham in 1763 he inherited an interest at Downton, and in 1768 was returned to Parliament unopposed. In 1774 his control of the Downton seat was challenged and he was unseated on petition. He was returned unopposed for Downton in 1779, but died a few weeks later on 23 November 1779. There is no record of his having spoken in Parliament.


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